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Have you just purchased a new device? Whether it's a computer, a smartphone, a tablet or even a printer, I help you install and configure it according to your expectations. Thanks to my IT expertise in Tours, your device will be up and running in no time.

Box, TV decoder, and Wifi

With the advent of optical fiber in French homes in recent years, “connected” equipment has multiplied, with its complexity of installation. The days of “I plug in my TV and I have my channels that appear on their own” are over…

Today the vast majority of devices will require installation, configuration and possibly support for its use.

We're talking about any device to be networked (WiFi or not), computers, smartphones, tablets, printers, speakers, TV... and tomorrow your fridge or your hob!


Computer attacks and scams are increasingly numerous, varied and sometimes complex. This is why you will first need a security system on your device, the antivirus.

Secondly, a global understanding of security would be a plus, which is why I offer training in this direction . User behavior is always their best ally. If, despite this, you are the victim of a virus, I will help you to get rid of it as much as possible.

Remember to make your backups regularly!


We can never say it enough, the user is responsible for his data as long as it is saved, processed or disseminated. Despite all the precautions taken in terms of security or material prevention, theft, loss, or irreversible crash may occur.

Your only solution to recover your data will then be the last backup made. The more regularly you do this, the more likely the day this happens, you will be able to revert to a recent version of your files.

The backup can be seen as home insurance, paying contributions all your life without ever needing it, but it only takes one time to understand the full benefit of it.

Les Problèmes liés au système


Vous devez en urgence accéder à votre boite mail, et là, pan ! Ecran bleu ! Plus rien ne fonctionne. Impossible de démarrer l’ordinateur, et évidemment pile poil au moment où vous en aviez besoin !

Vous vous aventurez aux deux ou trois solutions qui vous sont proposées par le système pour essayer de vous en sortir seul, mais rien n’y fait.

Pas de panique !

Il reste encore une armada de manipulations supplémentaires qu’un technicien informatique pourra tenter de déployer pour tenter de rétablir le démarrage (Boot) de votre PC.

Si malgré tous ces outils la machine ne redémarre pas, il y aura la solution ultime :

récupérer vos informations et réinstaller le système au complet.

Performance and slowness issues

Even if it is necessary to check that there are no viruses, or unnecessary programs that launch when the system starts, in the vast majority of cases, the slowness problems of your computer will essentially be linked to performance. overall information about your hardware. Usually the processor, or the mechanical hard drive. Where you cannot really act on the first condition, you can act on the second.

SSD hard drives are now much more efficient than our old mechanical hard drives. This new technology makes it possible to restart old computers and thus extend their useful life.

Indeed, the production of a computer emits a huge amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) in production requiring “ 240 kg of fossil fuels, 22 kg of chemicals and 1.5 tonnes of water” (Ademe)


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